I need my fix of good quality regular human interaction!

If you’ve been in property for any length of time, you’ll have probably realised that property can be a lonely place.

Yes of course there are lots of networking groups, Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms where you can congregate with other property professionals and can ask questions and get answers however it’s not quite the same as having a regular peer group of like-minded property people.

Sometimes some have lots of knowledge with little experience while others have lots of experience and little knowledge of more creative and dynamic business opportunities and strategies. 

It can all be a mixed bag.  The good news is that Hanna actually trained as a coach many years ago and still uses those skills to facilitate, coach and mentor others.

In doing so, she brings a wealth of knowledge in people skills to the table together with a vast toolbox of creative property strategies.  There is so much more to learn from the collective master mind.  Value comes from having another pair of eyes and ears to listen and help you to review your situation.

If you are looking for a safe space to come along and share your frustrations and go away with possible solutions, from people who are working in the sector facing the same decisions and challenges as you, come and find out if we are a good fit.

It’s tough working on your own and knowing that you can bring your challenges to the table is a good thing.

This is for you if you’re working on big deals, commercial conversions or other types of commercial projects, ground up land developments or you're creating supported living opportunities.
This is NOT for those working on R2R, HMO, SA or BTL nor for those of you just starting out. There are already lots of other groups who do that.
Who knows we may create some amazing friendships, connections and maybe joint ventures from the union.
I know there must be a handful or two of you out there so if you’re interested, register at the link below and we’ll chat in the choir on Monday.
If you’re looking for support and someone to talk to, who understands a bit about property, then you can find out more here

Participating in a mastermind is not a new concept, although many include training.  This group does NOT involve any training.  

In addition to the above, this group is where we can leverage each others knowledge, skills and experience to achieve our respective goals.

If you are not too familiar with the principles of a mastermind, make sure to read Chapter 10 of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill which was written back in 1937. 
With all best wishes,
Hanna (no h on the end!)

If you are worried or concerned about paying, I’ll leave you with this thought…

Those who pay, pay attention.

The Property Choir is currently FREE!



offer accountability, support and encouragement 

are a group of investors, property professionals and service providers who discuss commercial property and land development opportunities and deals

leverage each others knowledge, skills, experience and contacts for individual and mutual benefit. 

..then this group could be for you.
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